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Morgan Creek Productions, UK/USA

Nightbreed (1990)

Nightbreed (1990)

[Note: Following Hellraiser: Hellbound II, producer Christopher Figg and director Clive Barker invited me back to Pinewood Studios to work on this ambitious monster movie, based on Clive's short novel Cabal. Unfortunately, the American producers did not like the way the production was progressing and they soon fired Chris and brought in Gabriella Martinelli, who did the best she could in a difficult situation. Nightbreed was probably the biggest film I've ever worked on. Towards the end of shooting, I can remember sitting in a screening room at Pinewood and watching a two hour-plus rough assembly of the movie with Clive and Gabriella that simply blew me away. However, some months later when I saw a preview of the completed film at Twentieth Century Fox's offices in Soho, the heart had been cut out of the movie and it was just a pale shadow of the genre epic it could have been. To make matters worse, the studio then went on to change the advertising campaign at the last minute and basically ended up dumping the movie. I wasn't involved in the re-shoots in America (which featured genre veteran John Agar!), but I did get to be David Cronenberg's publicist for a couple of months, which was very cool. My sister Sara, who was a working actress at the time, appears in the final film (uncredited) as at least two different Midian creatures. Les Edwards did the European poster design. Not long afterwards, I teamed up with Chris Figg again as part of a consortium bidding on a breakfast TV franchise. We didn't get it.
—Stephen Jones].

Enter the netherworld of darkness and terror as horror maven Clive Barker (Hellraiser) takes you on an unforgettable journey to fear and back. Welcome to the Nightbreed! Far below the waking world lies the secret lost city of Midian, a subterranean haven for a society of dead souls called the Nightbreed. Boone is a psychiatric patient haunted by the conviction that he has committed unspeakable crimes. Seeking sanctuary from the police and his own cold-blooded psychiatrist Dr. Decker, Boone discovers Midian and joins the hidden tribes of the night. As the police and Decker close in on Midian, Boone realises that his personal destiny is to defend this supernatural city against the living world that seeks to destroy it.

 • NIGHTBREED (UK/USA/Canada, 1990)
Dir: Clive Barker. With: Craig Sheffer, Anne Bobby, David Cronenberg, Charles Haid, Hugh Quarshie, Doug Bradley. Morgan Creek Productions/Twentieth Century Fox. Colour.
—Unit Publicist
—EPK Director/Interviewer [uncredited]

Photo © 1989 Murray Close
Stephen Jones' sister Sara on the set of Nightbreed, Pinewood Studios, 1989
Stephen Jones' sister Sara on the set of Nightbreed, Pinewood Studios, 1989

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