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150 Exquisite Horror Books
[155] Best New Horror Volume 30
[154] The Art of Pulp Horror
Dead Trouble & Other Ghost Stories
[153] The Lovecraft Squad: Rising
[152] Gaslight, Ghosts, & Ghouls
Fantastic Fictioneers Volume Two
[151] Terrifying Tales to Tell at Night
[150] Best New Horror Volume 29
Black Moon
[149] The Lovecraft Squad: Dreaming
Dark Mirages
[148] MBO Halloween Stories
[147] Best New Horror Volume 28
Tanith by Choice
[146] The Solar Pons Companion #7
[145] The Lovecraft Squad: Waiting
The Fantastical Art of Jim Pitts
[144] The Art of Horror Movies
[143] The Complete Adventures of Solar Pons Volume II
[142] The Complete Adventures of Solar Pons Volume I
Weinberg Tales
[141] Best New Horror Volume 27
[140] The Lovecraft Squad: All Hallows Horror
The Art of the B-Movie Poster!
[139] A Little Ochre Book of Occult Stories
[138] Darker Terrors
[137] Best New Horror Volume 26
Skeleton Crew
[136] The Cell & Other Transmorphic Tales
[135] Fengriffin & Other Gothic Tales
[134] Horrorology: The Lexicon of Fear
[133] The Art of Horror: An Illustrated History
[132] Zombie Apocalypse! Acapulcalypse Now
The Rats
[131] Zombie Apocalypse! Endgame
[130] MBO Best New Horror Volume 25
The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings
[129] Zombie Apocalypse! Washington Deceased
[128] Zombie Apocalypse! Horror Hospital
[127] Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth
[126] Flotsam Fantastique
The Monster Club
[125] Psycho-Mania!
[124] MBO Best New Horror Volume 24
[123] Fearie Tales: Stories of the Grimm and Gruesome
The Great White Space
[122] The Lost Novels of Bram Stoker
Remember Why You Fear Me: The Best Dark Fiction of Robert Shearman
The Curse of the Fleers
[121] Zombie Apocalypse! Fightback
[120] MBO Best New Horror Volume 23
[119] Curious Warnings: The Great Ghost Stories of M.R. James 150th Anniversary Edition
Harvey Horrors Collected Works: Tomb of Terror Volume One
[118] Scream Quietly: The Best of Charles L. Grant
[117] Masters of the Weird Tale: Old Time Weird Tales & Quality Horror Stories
Die Stadt der singenden Flamme: Gesammelte Erzählungen Band 1
[116] Haunts: Reliquaries of the Dead
[115] MBO Best New Horror Volume 22
[114] A Book of Horrors
[113] Eldritch Tales: A Miscellany of the Macabre
Encyclopedia of the Vampire
[112] Visitants
[111] Zombie Apocalypse!
Stranger in the House
[110] MBO Best New Horror Volume 21
[109] Song of the Necromancer
[108] The Singer in the Mist
[107] Hallowe'en in a Suburb
[106] Pelican Cay
[105] Darkness, Mist & Shadow, Vol. 2
[104] Darkness, Mist & Shadow, Vol. 1
[103] MBO Best Of Best New Horror
[102] Brighton Shock!
Books Published Between:
[133]  The Art of Horror: An Illustrated History (2015)
Edited by Stephen Jones
Foreword by Neil Gaiman

(a) Elephant Book Company Limited/Applause Theatre & Cinema Books/Hal Leonard, USA • hc • $40.00
ISBN 978-1-4950-0913-6
(2nd Printing, 2016 [not indicated as such] • $40.00)
(3rd Printing, 2019 [not indicated as such] • $40.00)
[Note: Corrected edition.]

The Art of Horror
Cover by Virgil Finlay

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(b) as Histoire Illustrée de L'Horreur
Elephant Book Company Limited/Éditions Le Pré aux Clercs, France • slipcased hc • 49€
ISBN 978-2-84228-571-5

The Art of Horror
Cover by Virgil Finlay

The Art of Horror
Slipcase cover by Hannes Bok

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(c) Elephant Book Company Limited/Sky (Beijing) New Media Co., Ltd., China (2017) • hc • 
ISBN 978-7-5502-9988-7

The Art of Horror
Cover by Godmachine

[Note: Simplified Chinese edition with dust-jacket. This has been completely re-designed and comes with two bookmarks and a sheet of stickers featuring images from the book.]

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A celebration of frightfully fearful images, compiled by some of the biggest and most respected names working in the genre. From early engravings, via dust jackets, book illustrations, pulp magazines, movie posters, comic books and original paintings, to today's artists working entirely in the digital realm, there are over 500 images presented in The Art of Horror, from the shockingly lurid to the hauntingly beautiful. Vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, devils, serial killers, alien invaders, and many more: every aspect of the genre is represented in all its gory glory. Multiple award-winning editor Stephen Jones and his stellar team of over 100 contributors—both writers and artists—have sourced visuals from archives and their own private collections, ensuring an unprecedented selection (including many rarities and a number of previously unpublished pieces) which, alongside the authoritative text, builds into a unique and fascinating history of horror. With an exclusive Foreword by Neil Gaiman, the award-winning author of The Sandman comic book series, and the novels American Gods, The Graveyard Book, and The Ocean at the End of the Lane.

IT'S ALIVE! Gregory William Mank

Winner of the 2016 World Fantasy Award
Winner of the 2016 HWA Bram Stoker Award
Nominated for the 2016 British Fantasy Award
Nominated for the 2016 Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award


"Elegantly designed and laid out, this glorious exploration of horror should be top of every true horror fan's shopping list. It not only encapsulates the horror genre but goes some way to explaining its fascination and, without doubt, shows it at its very best. Hats off to every contributor in this tome and especially to Stephen Jones who once again shows that when it comes to horror, there is no greater exponent of its heart."
—John Gilbert
Fear, Issue 37, August 2016

"Mixing black comedy and fantastic erotica, weirdo disgust and devilish visions, it's an exceptional showcase for horrors beyond words."
—Tony Lee,
INTERZONE #262, Jan-Feb 2016

"A good coffee table book for horror aficionados but will also be enjoyed by beginners to the subject."
—Chris Hick
FILMWERK, January 18, 2016

"A must-own for any horror-head."
—HOME CINEMA CHOICE #255, January, 2016

"In order to fully realize this title's ambitious scope, it would take an experienced and dedicated editor who could assemble an unparalleled roster of writers, editors, film-makers and artists to offer fascinating and detailed essays richly illustrated with hundreds of images of rare artwork. Stephen Jones and his collaborators have done just that, producing a book that will most likely come to be regarded as the essential volume."
—John L. Coker III
SCIENTIFICTION New Series #46, 4th Quarter 2015

"The Art of Horror: An Illustrated History is one of those perfect books that showcase great artists and their works while shedding light on the cultural implications of the decade those works were created . . . It's the perfect gift and a must-have for any lover of art or pop culture historian that deals within the realm of horror."
—J.P. Fallavolitta
BIFF BAM POP!, December 18, 2015

"Often labeled as trash by the mainstream, The Art of Horror proves otherwise; this showcases superb work by immensely talented people, and richly brings your fears to life . . . This is a serious celebration of the genre, and a must-have for those who love things that go bump in the night."
—Rich Wilson
EXQUISITE TERROR, December 17, 2015

"The essays are insightful and entertaining and the needed context for newbies and hardcore fans alike. There's even a foreword by Neil Gaiman, who writes about the hidden joy and beauty found in the horror genre . . . Beautifully designed, intelligently written, The Art of Horror: An Illustrated History makes the perfect gift for any horror or art fan."
—James Aquilone
SF SIGNAL, December 8, 2015

"The pictures here are, so to speak, to die for . . . This beautifully produced books is, in short, the stuff that nightmares—on Elm Street or before Christmas—are made of."
—Michael Dirda
THE WASHINGTON POST, December 7, 2015

"Stephen Jones' illustrated history on The Art of Horror is the very definition of an unputdownable book . . . a comprehensive and compelling compendium of horror art through the ages . . . for fans of horror (be it cinematic or literary) this illustrated history makes for an essential purchase."
—Jon Lyus
HEYUGUYS, December 1, 2015

"Whatever your sub-genre of choice, this book is absolutely packed with fantastic images . . . It's a beautiful piece of work and you absolutely must buy it immediately."
—Jonathan Hatfull
SCIFINOW, November 30, 2015

"A wonderful book that looks far more expensive than it's pricetag suggests, just holding it in your hands feels like something truly special, a wonderful item that compliments a wonderful genre."
—Sean Evans
BACK TO THE MOVIES, November 27, 2015

"This collection does more than just show, it also tells, with detailed information on the imagery, from the earliest film posters and book illustrations to more modern digital art pieces. The chapters tackle their specific topics with reverence and an appreciation of what the horror genre across all media does for its audience . . . This broad examination of powerful, vibrant, glorious reproductions from works of horror art is a treasure for any fan of the macabre."
—Rob LeFebvre
SHELF AWARENESS, November 27, 2015

"As a horror super geek I found that this book provides so much enjoyment. The old foreign movie posters and the cover art from anthology sets like Weird Tales and Astounding Stories were just so cool to see. This will remain a vibrant feature of my coffee table for years to come. Anyone into horror, classic cinema, or art history will love this added to their collection."
—Dr. Zaius
GEEKS OF DOOM, November 25, 2015

"Great gift for genre lovers! Here is a book that reprints horror imagery going back to the 1900s. Horrific fairy tale art, dust jacket covers, movie posters, comic books, pulp novels and paintings are all included."
AIN'T IT COOL NEWS, November 24, 2015

"Jones did a superb job of bringing together some of the foremost authorities on horror and matching them to their particular specialties. This is a book that any horror connoisseur will want to add to their personal library . . . A must-own coffee table book for any fan of horror films, literature, or comics." [Five Stars]
—Timothy Janson
SCIFI MOVIE PAGE, November 22, 2015

"The mother of all creepy coffee table books, Stephen Jones' The Art of Horror is a jaw-dropping collection of art charting the illustrated history of the genre in art, film, literature and international popular culture. The wildest collection of odds, ends, essentials and esoterica I've ever seen collected in one place"
—Chris Alexander

"Editor Stephen Jones leads us through the art history of horror in a nutshell (from cave paintings, via the Egyptian hieroglyphics, the ancient myths and legends, to the horror releases of today), and what follows is a review all of the major manifestations of the art of horror . . . all this is presented in an elegant hardcover and on glossy paper. As I said: the perfect gift."
—Bartholomew Paszylk
GRABARZ POLSKI, November 3, 2015

"This is a really fabulous collection of pieces that show just how far horror has stretched it tentacles through the art world. As you might expect, there are plenty of full-colour movie posters, one sheets, and other motionless visuals associated with moving pictures, horror's main medium. However, Jones also invites a diverse array of classical and modern artworks, comic and pulp novel covers, Halloween cards, engravings, and more to the mad monster party . . . As the title tells, art is the point behind The Art of Horror, and there is a truly grotesque and gorgeous assortment here."
—Mike Segretto
PSYCHOBABBLE, November 1, 2015

"This coffee table book contains the various types of art from oils on canvas to sketch drawings to even the digital designs of today. And each design picked is a beauty to behold . . . If you're a fan of things that go bump in the night, the works of H.P. Lovecraft, or anything related to the world of horror for that matter, this is the book for you."
—David Wangberg
EXAMINER.COM, October 28, 2015

"The Art of Horror is a visually stunning book that belongs on every horror fan's shelf . . . Stephen Jones has done a great job of editing the entire thing, and it's nothing more than a love letter to horror and all the art that has accompanied it over the years."
WONDROUS READS, November 9, 2015

"While on first appearance it may seem so, The Art of Horror not your standard coffee table style art book (which the world is in no short supply of). Jones elevates the book by adding a strong critical component. Rather than present a hodgepodge of pieces, Jones has collected the works into ten carefully curated sections, taking it a step farther by assigning each section a writer to add to it a cultural and historical context . . . There is a wealth of both familiar and beloved as well as rare pieces of art to flip through, ranging from the 1800s to today and covering nearly every trope in horror (from vampires, zombies, werewolves to ghosts, psychos, demons, and aliens). Even the most seasoned veteran of horror art history will be sure to find a few new pieces amongst the collection."
—Joe Yanick

"Beautifully presented, the book is a wonderful work, as easy to dip into as it is to devour and would bring joy to any fan of horror movies, novels, or indeed, art in general."
—Martin Unsworth
STARBURST, November 7, 2015

"The marvelously massive anthology weighs nearly four pounds and boasts a lovely matte paper stock with impeccable image quality . . . The Art of Horror enchants page after page with vivid, deep-hued color photos, historical passages and illustrations representing art, literature, film and other realms of the horror genre . . . Beasts, demons and ghosts are brought into context, offering a great primer for teens and pre-teens and non-horror enthusiasts."
—Julie Garisto

"Check out this new book on horror art—it may become the Bible of Horror Art . . . It's a great book!"
—Basil Gogos
October 18, 2015

"A fine addition to your coffee table or coffin lid, The Art of Horror: An Illustrated History, edited by Stephen Jones, is a horror connoisseur's choice of movie posters, comic books, paperback and dust jacket art, pulp magazine covers, and ancient and contemporary art that gleefully dwells on the morbid predilections of the frightening genre so many fans clamour for yet know little about . . . Each chapter provides a concise overview to its topic and ends with a reflection on a key aspect within that topic, and is profusely illustrated with captioned literary and cinematic examples, both foreign and domestic, of the terrors by day and night in all their lavish colours and dread. Full page art, double-page art, and smaller illustrations filling pages, do their best to overwhelm your visual cortex."
ZAMBOS' CLOSET OF HORROR, September 1, 2015

Photo © 2016
Signing The Art of Horror: An Illustrated History at Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention, April 23, 2016
Signing The Art of Horror: An Illustrated History at Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention, April 23, 2016.
Back row: Artists Thomas Gianni, Micah Lee Mowbray,
Randy Broecker, Gary Gianni, Scott Gustafson and Douglas Klauba.
Front row: Robert Weinberg and Stephen Jones.

Photo © 2015
Steve Crisp, Joe Roberts, Jim Burns, Les Edwards, Barry Forshaw, Kim Newman, Graham Humphreys and Dave McKean, Stephen Jones flanked by Elephant Book Company's Laura Ward and Will Steeds
Signing The Art of Horror: An Illustrated History of Fearful Images at the RETURN OF THE GREAT HALLOWE'EN HORROR SIGNING
at Forbidden Planet's London Megastore on October 31st, 2015.
Back row, left to right: Steve Crisp, Joe Roberts, Jim Burns, Les Edwards,
Barry Forshaw, Kim Newman, Graham Humphreys and Dave McKean.
Front row: Stephen Jones flanked by Elephant Book Company's Laura Ward and Will Steeds.

Photo © 2015 Stephen Jones
Bruce Pennington
Bruce Pennington

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