The Alchemy Press Book of the Dead 2020 (2021) v 2

Compiled by Stephen Jones

The Alchemy Press, UK (Print-on-Demand) £14.99

ISBN 978-1-911034-12-4

Cover by Hy Fleishman:

Cover design by Smith & Jones

The man who helped create Godzilla . . . a trio of Hollywood legends . . . the last star of silent pictures . . . the screen’s best James Bond . . . a pair of British actresses who were both “Bond girls” and Avengers . . . two British actors who played—but did not voice—iconic Star Wars characters . . . an author who did for crustaceans what James Herbert had done for rodents . . . a forgotten pioneer of “sword and soul” fantasy . . . and one of Dracula’s “brides” . . . The lives of these and nearly 450 other individuals who made significant contributions to the horror, science fiction and fantasy genres (or left their mark on popular culture and music in other, often fascinating, ways) are celebrated in The Alchemy Press Book of the Dead 2020. Compiled by award-winning writer and editor Stephen Jones, these tributes to those we lost in 2020 are illustrated with numerous photographs and associated images.

“For someone who loves the genre, especially the less mainstream areas of it, this is a fitting tribute to the people included, treating them and their contribution to the field of horror, fantasy and sci-fi with the respect it deserves . . . Jones provides a great service here, to many an unsung hero or heroine and, to my mind, it’s highly recommended.”

Mark West, PAR SEC Issue #2, Winter 2021

“Copiously illustrated, the book is—counter-intuitively—extremely enjoyable reading rather than a morbid examination of departed individuals. But be warned, you may pick this up thinking that you will be just dipping into it—and you will find yourself glued to the pages.”

Barry Forshaw

“All in all, The Alchemy Press Book of the Dead 2020 is a very worthwhile, important and now annual reference book and full credit must be given to Stephen Jones for his laborious, no doubt time-consuming work on it.”

Trevor Kennedy, PHANTASMAGORIA Issue #19, Summer 2021