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For Sale
The following titles are for sale only in the UK directly through the PayPal links on this website. Please contact for overseas rates, information about dealer's discounts, or if there are any specific titles/editions you are looking for. Books signed and/or inscribed upon request at no extra cost.

Having mistakenly trusted in someone called Philip Fritz of NY, who received a book for which he has never paid (nor the extra postage costs incurred), I have reluctantly decided that I am no longer willing to get books additionally signed up by multi-contributors as an added bonus to those buying off this website. I am sorry that this individual has spoiled things for everybody else. From now on I will definitely insist on all payments being made up-front, although I am still happy to sign and inscribe copies personally. I thank you for your understanding.
—Stephen Jones

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Darkside (1996)
by Dennis Etchison
Introduction by Ramsey Campbell

American Fantasy/Airgedlámh Publications, USA/UK • hc (750 signed and numbered copies) • SPECIAL PRICE £15.99 (incl. p&p in the UK ONLY)
ISBN 0-9610352-1-8

Darkside (1996)
Cover by Joyce Tenneson

Darkside is a modern classic from Dennis Etchison's Gothic California, a land where it may be impossible to distinguish between the mind's inner landscape and the world outside. When Darkside first appeared as a paperback original in 1986, at the height of the horror boom, it included passages added to satisfy the publisher so that it could be marketed as the latest scream-of-the-month. After a single printing, it undeservedly vanished from newsstands and bookstores in the US, despite high praise from critics like Michael Morrison who called it "a biting, almost unbearably grim indictment of the death of life in modern America. It is one of the seminal works of fiction in the 1980s". Written by an author who has inspired a generation of writers to explore the skull beneath the skin of America's dark psyche, this ten-year anniversary edition marks the return to print of one of his most important dark fantasy novels. American Fantasy and Airgedlámh Publications are proud to bring you Etchison's preferred text, corrected and restored, with an Introduction by Ramsey Campbell and a special author's Afterword. Each copy has been signed by both Etchison and Campbell.

Co-Publisher (with Robert T. Garcia and David Sutton)

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