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Hellraiser III Hell On Earth (1992)
Fifth Avenue Entertainment, Ltd., USA

Hellraiser III Hell On Earth (1992)

[Note: After the collapse of New World Pictures, Fifth Avenue Entertainment picked up the rights to the Hellraiser franchise and production shifted to America. I thought my involvement with the series was over, but in September 1991 I found myself living in High Point, North Carolina, for a couple of months, reunited with British colleagues Peter Atkins, Doug Bradley, Bob Keen and others on this second sequel. This time I worked much more closely with the producers, although it was exhausting being simultaneously involved in both the daytime and night shoots, creating the press materials, filming the EPK and putting together material for The Hellraiser Chronicles. My only regret is that I missed being in the crew photo because I was in the studio cutting together the video surveillance footage of Kirsty Cotton (Ashley Laurence) that had been shot in Los Angeles before principal photography started. Some months later, I found myself in a LA screening room with director Anthony Hickox and Clive Barker (who had been brought back on board as an executive producer to "present" the movie) discussing re-shoots after watching a rough-cut of the film. I also recall watching a video at Clive's home sometime later of new footage of veteran actor Kenneth Tobey playing a priest. It never made it into the final cut, and I now think of it in the same terms as the legendary lost "Spider Pit" sequence from King Kong! Towards the end of the 1990s, Michael Marshall Smith and I pitched a treatment for a millennium-themed Hellraiser sequel to the new owners of the franchise. Despite having a number of positive meetings in both London and Los Angeles, nothing ever came of it.
—Stephen Jones].

Joey Summerskill is an ambitious TV reporter, whose life is changed forever when she witnesses the horrific death of a tormented teenage boy, torn apart by bloody chains. Determined to find the truth behind this gruesome vision, she discovers the Lament Configuration Box which opens the door to the Cenobites' demonic world of pleasure and pain. Once again Pinhead walks the Earth, creating a new army of Cenobites from the transmuted flesh of his victims . . . His one desire—to reclaim the Box and free himself forever from the powers of Hell.

Dir: Anthony Hickox. With: Terry Farrell, Doug Bradley, Paula Marshall, Kevin Bernhardt, Ashley Laurence. Fifth Avenue Entertainment/Lawrence Mortorff. Colour.
—Unit Publicist
—EPK Director/Interviewer [uncredited]

Photo © 1991
Stephen Jones being a Pinhead behind-the-scenes, He;llraiser III Hell on Earth, High Point, North Carolina 1991
Stephen Jones being a Pinhead behind-the-scenes,
Hellraiser III Hell on Earth, High Point, North Carolina 1991

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