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Excluding proof copies (which are not listed), these are all the known editions of books by or featuring Stephen Jones. If you know of any others, please contact the author/editor at
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150 Exquisite Horror Books
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Books Published Between:
[132]  Zombie Apocalypse! Acapulcalypse Now (2015)
by Alison Littlewood
Created by Stephen Jones

(a) Robinson, UK • tp • £8.99
ISBN 978-1-4721-3588-9

(b) Running Press, USA • tp • $14.95
ISBN 978-0-7624-5813-4

Zombie Apocalypse! Acapulcalypse Now (2015)
Cover by Joe Roberts

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'The Death' takes a holiday . . . The Hotel Baktun is an exclusive vacation complex that is about to open on the coast of Acapulco, Mexico. Owned by a mysterious multi-millionaire businessman, it is shaped like an ancient Mayan pyramid and its halls are lined with rare and expensive artefacts. For Stacy Keenan, the hotel's new Head of Security, things are already chaotic as the locals continue to put the finishing touches to the festivities while VIPs begin to arrive for the grand opening. When a Russian cruise ship turns along the shore and disgorges its cargo of flesh-eating zombies, the guests and staff soon fragment into various factions as they struggle to withstand the spread of HRV (Human Reanimation Virus). As the armies of the dead conquer all that stand before them, and the human survivors prepare for a final battle against an unstoppable enemy, a horror even more ancient and terrible is revealed when 'The Death' comes to Paradise . . .


"Fans of the series will get the most out of it, but other horror readers should find it entertaining and efficient, whipping through the story like it has somewhere important to be and delivering plenty of shocks along the way."
—Stephen Theaker
BLACK STATIC #60, Sep-Oct 2017

"This is a classic piece of zombie apocalypse fiction—full of evil-doers, plots to bring about the end of the world, bad guys who repent for the remainder of their inevitably short lives, poor life choices, and people with a total inability to recognise a zombie when they see one. A thoroughly enjoyable romp, that nicely sets up the next instalment in this franchise."
—Matthew Johns
The British Fantasy Society, April 7, 2017

"An entertainingly horrific read."
—Mark Campbell

"This really is a very different read from Alison Littlewood's more usual folk horror, and you can tell that she had a lot of fun writing it from the sheer joy of her prose. The story commences in fairly standard zombie territory as the living dead start to overrun the hotel but it progresses on to something far more ancient and sinister by the time you get to the conclusion . . . An ideal holiday read, although maybe best saved for the flight home."
—Ship's Cook
THE HORROR HOTHOUSE, December 8, 2015

"The short chapters, with varying narrators adds pace and tension to the novel, which increases throughout the last quarter . . . The lead up to the ending escalates the violence rapidly leading to a very satisfying conclusion. Great fun."
—Theresa Derwin
TERROR-TREE, December 4, 2015

"Amusingly, for an author whose normal novels are often set in cold Yorkshire landscapes, Acapulcalypse Now is set in Acapulco. Littlewood has described writing the book as being "an absolute blast to work on". It's an over-the-top tale of a deluxe holiday resort in the shape of a Mayan temple overrun by the dead, full of laughs as well as scares—as all the best zombie stories are. Whilst seemingly very different to her previous work, the book seems like another treat from the supremely skilled Littlewood. Amidst a sea of derivative zombie fiction, the Zombie Apocalypse! series has always stood out as one trying to do something different, and this new volume from Littlewood is a fine continuation."
—James Everington
THIS IS HORROR, September 8, 2015

"In the latest addition to author Stephen Jones' Zombie Apocalypse! series, Acapulcalypse Now sees another horde of the undead swarm upon the sunny retreat of Acapulco for an all-inclusive holiday that it's guests certainly won't be forgetting in a hurry . . . A great new take on the classic zombie plot-line with plenty of unexpected twists and turns along the way, as it draws in influences from Mayan culture making for an unusual and surprising take on this tale of survival against the undead. An amusing read that's a great addition to the Zombie Apocalypse! series.
—Leona Turford
STARBURST, October 28, 2015

Photo © 2015
Joe Roberts, Alison Littlewood, Stephen Jones
Signing Zombie Apocalypse! Acapulcalypse Now at the RETURN OF THE GREAT HALLOWE'EN HORROR SIGNING
at Forbidden Planet's London Megastore on October 31st, 2015.
Left to right: cover artist Joe Roberts, author Alison Littlewood and series creator Stephen Jones.

















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